ESTABLISHED as an independent private equity firm in 2009

in Colombia with the Santo Domingo family

22+ companies with aggregate value of over US$3.6 billion*

ACTIVE INVESTOR bringing fundamental change to businesses

NEW POWERFUL PARTNERSHIP with the Santo Domingo and Rothschild families


CORE TEAM of 9 investment professionals, based in Bogotá, Colombia

2 SENIOR FOUNDING PARTNERS: Diego Córdoba & Juan Antonio Pungiluppi have worked together since 2001 with the Santo Domingo family and TEKA

OUTSTANDING NETWORK accross entrepreneurial community

ADVISORY COUNCIL of leading industrial and financial families throughout the region


VERY HANDS-ON APPROACH, creating value through operational and high impact intervention

FOCUS on mid-sized companies with regional growth ambitions

COMPLEX SITUATIONS with low entry valuations and significant scope for improvement


*US$3.6 billion refers to companies managed at both Valorem and TEKA Capital (historical and present). Amounts are based on the Total Asset Value (in COP$m) of each underlying portfolio company on the year before exit (at Dec 31st) for realized investments and the year of valuation for unrealized investments. The corresponding COP/USD year end exchange rate has been used to obtain a US$ value for the assets.


TEKA believes that long-term, sustainable businesses are built on the back of strong corporate governance principles. As such, TEKA is committed to act as a responsible investor recognizing that ESG matters can impact the long-term performance of its investment companies.

Industry Associations

TEKA is a founding member and a member of the Board of the Colombian Association of Private Equity Funds (ColCapital), established in 2012 with the purpose of promoting the development of the PE industry in Colombia.

Additionally, TEKA is a member of the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA), founded in 2004 with the mission of promoting an informed industry that allows returns on investments to increase while attaining sustainable growth.

In the same manner, TEKA is a member of the Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), founded in 2002 to support the growth of this industry in the region.

Finally, TEKA is a participant of Bancóldex Capital’s program, started in 2009 by Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism with the objective of promoting and developing the PE and VC industry in Colombia.